After a weekend full of fun, we started our volunteership with Life Monteverde, where we learned about coffee, sostainability and the importance of it. We learned how they make methane from pig manure. We also helped pick coffee and realized how hard it actually is to make $2. (That is what they pay per “canasta” which is a basket) Between 13 people we manged to pick one basket in 40 minutes. The average picker picks about 9 baskets in a day.

We also helped with the trail maintenance and planted brocoli and enriched the soil with compost.


Over the weekend the Sonoma Coyotes went down the mountain to enjoy the famous beach of Isla Tortuga. We went on a catameran and spend the day at the beach, laying out, playing volleybal, snorkeling and going on a banana boat. The weather was perfect the water was crystal clear and everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously.

IMG_6594 IMG_6629

After fun in the sun we headed back up to our mountain, got a good nights rest and were ready for our zipline adventure the following day. I can say that a little wind did not stop the Coyotes from taking on this adventure! It was windy and cool but the students had an amazing time and said they would do it again!

IMG_7393 IMG_7394 IMG_7406

SPI Sonoma Academy arrived to Costa Rica on Tuesday and started their awesome adveture with the Café Britt Coffee tour. During the tour we learned all about coffee plantations and coffee processing and got to taste many different blends for coffee, leaving some kids with plenty of energy.


After having a fabulous typical lunch we headed to Monteverde where the language immersion would start. We met with our “tico” families and headed to our tico homes.


Today we left very early to go hike in the famous Santa Elena Cloud Forest. Our guide Henry was very knowledgeable and we learned about the biodiversity of this area.




IMG_9824 IMG_9848




Nuestro gran grupo de TAMU inicio su semana con mucha energía, por la mañana tuvieron sus clases de español y por la tarde disfrutaron de una hermosa visita al Hospital Clínica Bíblica; en donde además de adquirir conocimiento también se divirtieron mucho. ¡Feliz semana!

DSC02220 DSC02221


La tarde de ayer las chicas de TAMU disfrutaron de una tarde llena de información sobre plantas medicinales mientras que exploraban diferentes aromas y sabores de nuestros bellos jardines y bosques. ¡Excelente!




¡Bienvenidas chicas!

Nuestro grupo de TAMU biomedical Science inició su primera semana de clases con mucha energía. Después de una mañana provechosa de lecciones disfrutaron de su clase de cocina y de una hermosa visita a Heredia.