Playa Danta y Voluntariado

Después de un fin de semana muy aventurero; con clases de surf, zip lining, tubing, y horseback-riding, el grupo de SPI comenzó esta semana visitando Playa Danta. Luego de una mañana muy divertida en la playa, nos dirigimos a clases de cocina, en donde hicimos nuestro tradicional Arroz con Pollo. Luego de clases, los chicos se devolvieron a sus familias para descansar y prepararse para el voluntariado de hoy.


Hoy en la mañana nos dirigimos a la comunidad de Tempate, en donde comenzamos a pintar otra casa. Junto con el equipo de voluntariado de “Siempre Amigos Casas del Toro”, logramos progresar mucho y hacer un gran trabajo en la casa.


Beach Days

UNC Greensboro had their second day of classes. Everyone is getting to know the school and their professors. The group ate at Casa del Toros for lunch. Afterwards, Doña Maria Christina Martín came to CPI to talk to the students about her social work in Costa Rica. It was a 2 hour talk, where the students actively participated with questions ranging from how the government helps intervene for the poor to how airports, hotels and taxi drivers help participate in fighting sex trafficking. It was an extremely interesting conversation and we were grateful to have her Doña Maria Christina talk with us. 20160627_151703 (2)

The group walked to Flamingo beach to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and watching the sunset. It was quite a splendid day!

20160627_155728 20160627_155754(1) 20160627_155800


NCS in Monteverde

Twelve students and three teachers from Nashville Christian School arrived to Costa Rica Saturday evening. This group of high school students was high-energy and enthusiastic to begin their journey right away with a tour of the country’s capital, San José, on Sunday morning.

With our knowledgeable guide, Rodrigo, we visited several parks, the national museum, an authentic artisan market, and other historic sites. At lunch, the NCS students got their first taste of some typical tico dishes such as casados and arroz con pollo!






From San José we traveled directly to Monteverde, and the group witnessed the environment change drastically from the bustle of a capital city to the winding roads up the mountains into the cloud forest. After arriving at the CPI Monteverde campus, students took Spanish placement exams and met their host families. Everyone was welcomed with big abrazos (hugs) and a beautiful rainbow-sunset! 

On Monday NCS had their first Spanish classes and then went off exploring their surroundings right away at the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. We hiked through the forest with a guide and learned about many of the local plant and animal species that make this environment so unique. After the hike, students got to know the quaint town of Santa Elena with a cultural scavenger hunt.

The group is continuing their Spanish classes and activities in Monteverde this week. Today we will volunteer at a local, sustainable coffee farm! Stay tuned for more adventures with Nashville Christian School!

A weekend at the beach

On Friday, NSMU packed their weekender bags and headed for the beach! After a morning of classes and delicious quesadillas for lunch, the students boarded the bus and began the five hour bus ride to Flamingo. During a stop at Mi Finca, the students saw parrots and a particularly friendly toucan that hopped about the parking lot. The group arrived to the beautiful Villas Ferlito around 5:30, and some jumped in the pool right away to cool off! The students enjoyed delicious Italian food at Marie’s Restaurant. IMG_3782

Saturday morning, the group headed to Playa Tamarindo to try out surfing! First, they were fitted with rash guard dry shirts and carried their surfboards to the beach. The instructors had everyone practice their form on the sand: getting on the board, paddling, pushing up, standing up, and balancing! After some initial practice on the beach, the students headed to the ocean to catch some waves!

IMG_3946The group had some free time after surf lessons, and dispersed to eat lunch at various restaurants in Tamarindo. At one pm, the group walked down the beach to catch the Catamaran Cruise. Everyone boarded a dingy that carried them to the catamaran, Marlin del Rey. Once on board, everyone enjoyed amazing views of the coastline and the ocean, and settled in for the ride. About two hours into the boat ride, the boat dropped anchor so everyone could jump in, swim around, snorkel, paddle board and play in the water. After some delicious snacks provided by the crew, the boat then headed back to Tamarindo to take in the beautiful sunset over the water. IMG_3842IMG_3834The next morning, the group headed to Playa Conchal to enjoy more beach time and do some souvenir shopping. Playa Conchal is a beautiful beach by Brasilito that has tiny, ground-up seashells all over its beach instead of sand. Vanessa, Esmy, Alexis, Kendall and Jason rented a banana ride. IMG_3861IMG_3913What a fun-filled, whirlwind weekend! Hasta luego, Flamingo!

Cooking and Dancing Class

Friday, the group had the morning free, some took advantage of the free morning by having massages, working out or using the jacuzzi. Afterwards the group had cooking class with Doña Beatriz, they cooked picadillo de papa. Everyone was able to participate in the class by chopping vegetables, making tortillas, frying plantains, sauteing  vegetables or combining all of the ingredients. After the class, the group was able to enjoy their hard work and eat an amazing lunch.

20160624_115129 (2) 20160624_120659 (2) 20160624_120721 (2)







The students then went off to their last classes in Monteverde. Saying goodbye to their professors was harder than any of the students expected. Afterwards, the group had dance class with Yamal. They learned the Bachata, Merengue and Salsa. Everyone had a great time!!

20160624_171926 20160624_174011 (2) 20160624_175359 (2)

It’s Canopy Time!

On Thursday the students from Alder Creek high school got to do one of the most exciting and adventurous activity of all, they went canopying! For this adventure they went to the National Park of El Volcán Barba where they went through the forest and through tree tops! It was scary at first but that didn’t stop any of them from going and having a lot of fun! What an amazing day!

IMG_2854 IMG_2859

Volando por los cielos

Hoy es el ultimo día de los estudiantes de Coppell en Monteverde. El día de hoy ellos fueron al canopy Sky Trek donde pudieron volar por las nubes. En total ellos hicieron 8 cables diferentes y también fueron en el Sky Tram. Desafortunadamente había mucho viento y nubes entones solo se podía ver la parte de abajo de los arboles pero aún era una vista muy hermosa. Por el clima los chicos tuvieron muy frío cuando estaban en los cables pero de todos modos disfrutaron. Lo que más les gustó fue que ellos podíanver como sus compañeros desaparecían entre las nubes y después como aparecían del otro lado. Después para poderse secarse y calentarse lo estudiantes estuvieron un rato en la cafetería de Sky Trek donde estuvieron disfrutando de chocolates calientes, tés y cafés. Por ultimo visitaron por primera vez el centro de Santa Elena en donde fueron a todas la tiendas de souvenirs para conseguir recuerdos para sus familias al igual que para ellos mismos. Una vez almorzados y con muchos recuerdos regresaron al CPI para tener su último día de clases de español.IMG_9681IMG_9649

UNCG Ziplines!

Thursday morning, the group went ziplining at Sky Adventures. Everyone was a little nervous as it was the first time for most. The group went was able to enjoy the gorgeous view of the Gulf of Nicoya while riding the tram to the top to start zipling. The group was accompanied by 4 guides that helped keep us safe throughout the ziplines. There are 7 ziplines in total. Everyone had a wonderful time, even if it was a bit windy.

20160623_081859  20160623_095900 (5)





After ziplining, the group enjoyed free time in Santa Elena before lunch at Mar y Tierra. The lunch was amazing and everyone went to their afternoon Spanish classes happy and full!




NMSU celebrates Alexis’ birthday and ziplines!

On Thursday, NMSU celebrated Alexis’ 22nd birthday. Profe Jeff really outdid himself and prepared a special celebration with delicious chocolate cake and a guitar serenade by CPI professor Carlos. ¡Qué viva la cumpleañera!

IMG_3712 (1)

The group enjoyed a delicious, quick lunch at La Cuchara de Abuela, the restaurant in CASEM, the women’s cooperative and headed to SkyTrek to zip-line! After a practice run, the group headed up the mountain via a teleférico (cablecar) to complete the seven cables. With gorgeous views of the Golf of Nicoya and Volcán Arenal, the zip-line course provided the group with an amazing experience, the perfect balance of scary and exciting. Everyone forgot their initial doubts and had a great time zip-lining solo and in pairs.


IMG_3751 (1)

NMSU enjoys local reserve

On Wednesday, the students decided to use their free afternoon to visit a local nature preserve. There, they hiked and enjoyed the views of the forest and waterfall. Afterwards, they visited CASEM, a women’s cooperative, to try some delicious treats.