Canopy Calls…

Yesterday students of Colby College went on a canopy tour.
WHAT A TIME! Students loved ziplining through the trees and over gorges, through the wind and mist of Monteverde and catching spectacular views of the mountains.  Also memorable was the tarzan swing and the superman cable…

an unforgettable tour! PURA VIDA

Welcome to the Green Mountain

This morning students of Colby College went for a walk about to acclimate themselves to their new home…Monteverde! This next week students will live and study here in the mountains, as well as continue with tours and service work in the community.

After a strenuous walk uphill to CPI, students were rewarded with a delicious meal after cooking class! Making picadillo and platanos maduros, a delicious salad and washing it all down with a natural drink of blackberry…QUE RICO!

And now students are buckling down for one last week of classes..Adelante, muchachos!

Adios, Heredia and Hola, Arenal

This morning students of Colby College returned to La Carpio to continue working on the floor of a home in the community. After just 24 hours cement from the previous day was mostly dry and students had the floor completed in no time!

At the worksite students said goodbye to the family and local kids before going back to the Humanitarian Foundation to see a presentation prepared by the local women and look at their handiwork in a shop created by the co-op.
This afternoon students attend their final Spanish class at CPI Heredia before heading to the Arenal volcano this weekend to realx in the hot springs and sight see before making their way up the mountain to CPI Monteverde.

Improving from the Ground Up!

This morning students from Colby College went again to the community of La Carpio, participating in a service project at the home of a local woman. Marlenny is a single mother in the community who has rebuilt her home with the help of volunteers and the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation.

Students helped to mix concrete and finish the floor of the home, working hard and filling many buckets with earth and rock.
In addition to the floor, students helped to clear trash and debris from behind the home, as well as reconstruct a fence. EXCELENTE CHICOS! Tomorrow students return to help finish the floor, and say goodbye to La Carpio.

Adios, Campers!

On Tuesday students said adios to the kids who attended Camp Colby Costa Rica this year.
The day started with a furious soccer game, continued with busy arts and crafts tables, jump rope, frisbee, more soccer, even a game of Sharks and Minnows!

There were hugs all around as students and campers said goodbye and thank you, and we hope next year(2013) will be just as successful as 2012!

Park and Playa

Students of Colby College had a very relaxing weekend enjoying Manuel Antonio National Park, the most visited national park in Costa Rica.

Students enjoyed the beautiful beach and came face to face with MONKEYS! As well as enjoying dinner and an evening out and about.


Students of Colby College hosted a third day of Camp Colby Costa Rica this morning, with 33 local kids in attendance.

Popular games today included “sharks and minnows,” basketball, and of course, SOCCER! As always kids were very busy at the art tables, and there were even some three-legged-races.

Students are hoping for a good turn out tomorrow, the last day!

Day Two in La Carpio

Students of Colby College went again on Friday to the community of La Carpio.

This second day of service started with a walk down to El Rio, the neighborhood by the river to see the homes and hear the stories of some of the people living there. The River neighborhood is situated on land deemed “uninhabitable,” yet the people of this community with their strength of spirit have made homes along the steep riverbanks. We visited the home of Luz, a woman who told of how her home was almost swept away by mudslides in the rainy season. Though the water of the river may enter peoples’ homes, many do not want to abandon the place they have built for their home. The Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation works to provide families in this area with better housing. Students helped on Friday to clean up after a construction project, as well as painting a mural to beautify the neighborhood.  Muy buen trabajo, muchachos!

No, Don’t Bring Your Swimsuits!

When being told what items they should bring for their jungle boat tour, Colby College students wondered if in addition to sunscreen in cameras they should bring swim suits. After being assured that no, swimming would not be a good idea, students reluctantly accepted that fact.

Yesterday they found out why, after visiting the river Tarcoles and seeing….CROCODILES!

In addition to many unique birds and even little crustaceans, students were able to see lots of wildlife  and catch a few rays on the river.

Un excelente dia!

Building Confidence and Trust

Today Colby College students had their first glance of La Carpio, an immigrant town where they will be doing service work with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation this week and the next. Students sat down with founder Gail Nystrom for an introduction and history lesson about the community, as well as hearing the story of the family who’s house they helped build. Students had many good questions.

At the construction site students worked with gusto, mixing cement and helping to put a floor in an additional room of a home. The floor will likely be done by tomorrow, thanks to students’ hard work!


Muy bien hecho, muchachos!